Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super Mario

Everyone likes Super Mario, right? Yeah, I know you do, and that's why you should check out these covers! 

The last cover is a Drum cover. This guy, called Vadrum, really owns. He has really got the skillz, and he is very fast with the sticks. 
He has got maaany vids and most of them are really good, and that's why almost all of them has got over 10 million views.

The second cover is a bass cover. The guy is playing the actual bass of the theme, and it sounds pretty good. Nothing special, but good! The vid has got 48,5k views.
He call himself Picture

The last cover is a guitar cover. This vid has over 35 million views, and it's crazy. ZackKim, as the guy call himself, plays the super mario theme on two guitars. It sounds pretty good, but I don't think the content is worth 35million views. It's good but not that good.


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