Thursday, March 3, 2011

Need you now

This is a cover on the country trio Lady Antebellum song ''Need you now'' by Jenny Suk and AJ Rafael.
Jenny Suk is a 19 year old Korean. She has posted a lot of covers on youtube and myspace.

AJ Rafael is a 21 year old Filipino. His father was a musician and after his death, AJ decided to be like his father.

920 000 has already seen the clip but I think it deserves more.

Why do I like this clip?

The piano playing is awesome. You get the feeling that he's improvising a lot and plays by feel.
They are both really good singers. Individually they both sing just great and they fit good together. Even if they not give each other any looks it still feels like they have a good chemistry.
The audio of the camera they are using is also really good.


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